Gear VR Quick Start Test - Quality Problem


After reading all instructions for developing and compiling an Unreal project (Blueprint First Person Template) for Samsung Gear VR here my first experience report:

-The whole scene is without any anti aliasing
-The frame rate is less than 15 fps!

I mean this is a nearly empty scene… and the quality is far a way from all of those nice Gear VR demos from Samsung.

I.E. the Samsung Gear VR front end scene (big luxury room with furniture) has high frame rate and nice AA.

What could be the reason?

I got a Samsung Note 4 with Android 5.01
The scene was compiled with Unreal 4.8.3

Thanks for a short hint

They are looking into MSAA. Also the templates are not optimized for the gear. Try deleting the sky box and make sure you are not using too many draw calls or shader effects.

It would be great if Epic would spend an optimized demo scene for Gear VR for an unfrustrating start into VR developing.
But perhaps there is such a package to download already?

from one of the other threads from a few months ago an example project one of the devs threw together quickly - was a great place to start for me :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for this link.

Well, unfortunately that project seems to need Visual Studio 2012 or 2013, which we don’t want to purchase at the moment.

Would be great if Epic could spend a complet little blueprint project optimized for Gear VR.


I believe they’ve said they are working on that.

You do not have not have to buy Visual Studio and can use the free Express version. Here is a link to the version I am talking about.

I found this helpful: