[GEAR VR] Performance issues moving from 4.10.4 to 4.11 release


I’ve converted my UE 4.10.4 based project to the new 4.11 engine release (by just opening it in 4.11 and going through the auto-conversion on a copy). Playing the same map built in 4.11 is suffering from huge lag when looking around. Are there any project settings that had defaults changed that we should modify for Gear VR? In my case I saw Mobile HDR was turned on in 4.11, that wasn’t part of my settings in 4.10. I had to disable that just to get the scene to render at all on a mobile device (it just showed a black screen otherwise).

I’m running on a Galaxy Note 5. I know there was a similar issue with the Galaxy S7 not performing in 4.10, but 4.11 fixed that. It now looks like it has broken support for older devices (not that the Note 5 is old by any measure, it is still the flagship Samsung Note device). I’d happy continue working in 4.10.4 instead if it wasn’t for the requirement to use the latest Occulus Mobile SDK, which is only available in 4.11.

Any help would be appreciated, even if just to confirm that this is a general issue and not just contained to my project/device.