Gear VR or Daydreaem, which to choose and which mobile device?

Hi everyone,
I want to create a ArchViz Project just for myself to get to used to mobile vr development.
In the project I need some videos that I want to load via the internet and I want to be able to move around the scene.
And I am only working with Blueprints.

Now my question is: Which tool would fit me best, the Samsung GearVR or the Google Daydream? And would you recommend the S8, the Pixel or an other device?
As far I have have read, the S8 would be better for development.

I hope you can help me to decide what I should choose.
If you have more question please feel free to ask


Samsung+GearVR is the best. UE has all tools to create amazing projects there, Daydream I have not tested yet and did not see much :smiley: