[Gear VR - MSAA] no valid eye texture.

Hey guys,

So my Gear VR project is building - when running on the Note 4, I’m getting a black screen however I can hear the shooting sound from the First Person template when I hit the touch pad.

After using Logcat, I see these errors:
04-28 14:01:59.528: W/MemBuffer(6342): Couldn’t open /storage/emulated/0/Oculus/defaultDistortion.bin
04-28 14:01:59.898: W/TimeWarp(6342): No valid eyeTexture 0

EDIT: This, as it turns out - is due to the MSAA patch used on Kikat, it’s incompatible with Lollipop.
Can we get a newer compatible MSAA Fix?

Can anyone assist me? I need to get this fixed.

Thanks for your patience. I’ve reached out to one of the devs that works with Gear VR to check the status of this.


Any update? Many people are still plagued with this issue.