Gear VR Jaggies gone in 4.9 Preview 4 (video)

I recorded this short video on an S6. It looks like they’ve cracked it. No jaggies anymore. And the actual experience is incredibly solid and much more colorful than the video suggests. Well done Oculus/Epic/Samsung… especially Epic. UE4 is a masterpiece. I love it. The actual scene has a lot wrong with it as I’ve been using it quite randomly for testing. But the VR is incredibly compelling. This is a test for an archviz scene (to be). I wasn’t sure whether to post here or in the archviz section.

Note that the frame rate drops here and there but the actual experience is very smooth indeed; any judder is from the video recording.


Yeah it’s really good :slight_smile: MSAA was confirmed working beginning of the week already in this thread by the way: :wink:

Remove the skydome or replace with something simpler and you’ll get more stable FPS imo :wink:

I’m not sure why though but with UE4 version 4.7 with MSAA hack I was getting much higher performance (constant 60) Now with the same project in 4.9 P4 it’s 45-50 :frowning: I have the same amount of draw calls ~115 so I was always only ‘just’ able to maintain the 60 in the 4.7 MSAA hack engine version (since device can only seem to handle max 100 smoothly) - now it seems like I need to go back and do more optimizing / removal of draw calls to hit the 60FPS again in 4.9 :frowning:

Or anyone else got some tips to optimize projects coming from 4.7 keeping the same performance in 4.9?

Hi z6, nice video.

How do you record from the S6?


Hi Aussieburger,

Yes, this is blueprint. It is a huge difference. Indeed, I think it makes all the difference. This scene is a sandbox and I’ve thrown in, and taken out, so many things in an uncontrolled way, with no reference at all to optimization. The lighting is completley messed up. I thought the default skybox would kill it but it is such a great feelng just to get in there and watch the clouds move.

But that was the point. The experience ‘inside’ the scene is really terrific and it was a simple packaging with no problems at all. Very impressive. I’ve stuck scenes onto people’s faces before and found myself explaining that the jaggies will ‘go away’… sometime.

Well they’ve gone.

Optimizing and making a full scene will certainly challenge us all, but the raw materials are now there… and, for simpletons such as myself, it can be done in blueprint.

I haven’t used the DK2 in a while so I can’t compare but given that this a bleedn’ phone, it seems almost miraculous to me.


I used ‘Recordable’ ($6.99). I tried three or four apps before this one. And getting this one to work was a pain as well. (You have to turn hardware acceleration off… in the Recordable app.) But it does the job. All the other apps I tried cut to black during the VR part of the recording. It is a strain though and you have to do a lot of random settings to find something acceptable.

I also used only forwards and backwards motion with only left stick. Moving right and left just doesn’t work in VR (as in like a crab walking too fast)

I’ve been trying to get the motion right before I go off in other directions. And it needs to be simple.

Thanks for that z6