Gear VR - Is it possible to have head tracking for a camera attached to a a spring arm?

I’m working on an app for the Gear VR right now and I have run into an issue. If I have a camera attached to a spring arm for my character, the camera orientation is locked in place and will not turn with the Gear VR’s movement. I want to use a spring arm because of the camera sway features. Any ideas on how to solve this? Thanks!

You need to make a Player controller , then a playercameramanager, in the player controller you set playercameramanager as your target, then in you playercameramanager you tick “follow hmd” :slight_smile:

Hope this solves your problem

That did the trick! Thank you!

(i see i posted my message in the wrong post, but mayby it helps someone…)

Still problems here with an matinee movie, i got the camera in vr oculus dk2 rotating with an animated platform in matinee thanks to an blueprint (see below), but now there is no headtracking anymore!

— I build an platform cylinder and placed my playercamera on top, i animated the platform in matinee and rotated it as animation. When in the Oculus the view stayd at one point where the platform was rotating. After i did the blueprint you can see below in the image it worked in vr. The camera view was moving with the platform but a new problem started; Now the headtracking is locked and not working anymore??

Can someone help me on this?