(Gear VR) insert and play a 360 video in to a level

I was wondering if ¿is possible to play a 360 video inside a level? in an interactive game I’m developing,
My doubts are that this has to work in a mobile device, and then I’m worried about the performance
and of course if this is possible first.

Yes it is possible - depending on the format of your video you can add a sphere with inverted normals and play the video texture on it.

What format is supported? I cant get this to work on android. I’m using Version 4.19.1

I was testing with a Samsung Gear 360 recording. So whatever format that is :smiley:

Did you manage to work in GearVR? I can’t make any video file to play with GearVR on Samsung S8 on 4.19.1 and 4.18.3 they seem like broken.
The way I tried, as usual, importing video to movies folder and then set up a media player in the Level-Blueprint to run the video and apply it as a material, but it doesn’t show up anything, just a black screen.

Yes it did work for me but I did not try with 4.18 or newer yet (I tried with either 4.16 or 4.17 from memory).
Try with a normal android build first so it’s easier to test and debug what you are doing wrong. If you are still having issues on a normal android build then you can search the normal android sub forum for info on video playback as our is commonly asked there :wink:

Yes it worked in 4.16 but I did not try on 4.17, but 4.18, 4.19 does’t work.