[Gear VR] How to do the required volume UI?

It does not appear to be possible to do the required volume UI in UE4 binary using blueprints.

It is required for any submission to Oculus store. See:


There appears to be something in the Oculus SDK documentation about it such as: https://developer.oculus.com/doc/

I tried creating my own volume UI 3d widget using the assets from the GearVR Mobile SDK however I can’t figure out how to get the current volume. Without knowing the current volume you do not know what value to show in the UI.

Can we get these exposed to the blueprints? Otherwise UE4 is still not supporting the entire GearVR distribution process

Also created a Answerhub question about it: [Gear VR] How to do the required volume UI? - Programming & Scripting - Unreal Engine Forums

In Blueprint there are Android Volume buttons calls you can use.

Thanks Sam I saw those and use them already however they do not tell you the current volume so you do not know what the set the current value at (see any app on the store change volume - quit and restart app and notice the volume is remembered by the device - it’s not reset on an app start)

Chris gave some code to get it here: [Gear VR] How to do the required volume UI? - Programming & Scripting - Unreal Engine Forums

I’ll try that out to see if it’s all we need - but ideally would be great if UE4 handled this volume UI overlay out of the box as it’s a fixed requirement for every app and behaves exactly the same (no customization)

Hi aussieburger,

Could you fix that error?, Did you do the required volume UI in UE4?.

I’m trying to upload a game to the store but I can’t find the way to do the required volume UI :confused:

I have read your other answerhub question about it and I have downloaded the LE Extended plugin to my UE4.11.2 but I’m in the same situation…


What situation? There a node to grab volume value. Use that value to affect your UI which you can make with UMG.

Thanks motorsep! but I’m confused because I’m using the node “Get Volume” to grab and print the volume value in a Text Box (using UMG) but in the Sound Class reference I select “Master” and the value is 1 all the time :confused:

Please, could you help me?

I haven’t gotten to UI yet, but there is support thread where you can ask author how to work properly with that node: Low Entry Plugins - Marketplace - Unreal Engine Forums

Btw, the author just replied his thread about using volume node properly on Android.

Thanks motorsep, I have seen the LE reply but I’m working with UE4.11.2 and in that version there isn’t the “Get Current System Volume (Percentages)” node… I don’t know way.

Upgrade to 4.12.5 ? :slight_smile:

hahaha I would like to upgrade to 4.12.5 or just starting to work in that version, but there is a bug :confused:

When I tried a FPS project (from a fps template) in my GearVR the crosshair is not in the center… it’s in the corner of the screen. It only happen in 4.12, not in 4.11. so I’m waiting to see 4.13 version.

Yes, it’s a known bug: https://answers.unrealengine.com/questions/444888/gear-vr-event-receive-draw-hud-doesnt-get-proper-s.html

Sounds like anything Gear VR related is not a priority for Epic, so I simply stopped using EventReceiveDrawHud and resorted to actual 3D elements for HUD (not UMG 3D widgets), at least for crosshair and back button indicator. Either way you shouldn’t be using 2D HUD in VR. It’s fine for initial tests, but for production everything should be 3D.

Thanks! it is a good advice. At the moment I’m learning about UMG 3D widgets so… next thing to do is learn about 3D crosshair.

Everything is soooooooo difficult in UE that sometimes I’m thinking in give up and going to try with Unity (the dark side of the force).

If I knew C# and was a big fan of conventional programming, I’d definitely go with Unity. They support Gear VR much better and Oculus seems to be more fond of Unity (they also provide better support for Unity users).

Finally I have created a 3D crosshair as you said (cool!), and now I’m doing the VolumeUI… have you done that @motorsep?

Do you know any GearVR game in the store made with UE? is just to see the VolumeUI because in my project if I press the mobile volume button several times, the GetCurrentVolumePercentage node is not executing 100% time, so sometimes (just a few) the progress bar is not filling up.

list of UE4 games that I know of:

probably a few more by now…

I used the source code solution from Chris here: [Gear VR] How to do the required volume UI? - Programming & Scripting - Unreal Engine Forums
but really wish it was out of the box so you didn’t need to compile from source each engine version

Has anyone here managed to sort the Volume UI via blueprints and if so can you share some details? I feel like this should be something that should access the Oculus SDK directly.

Good news in 4.13 which has the new Oculus Mobile SDK the volume UI is handled directly by the SDK so you don’t need to do anything at all in your project :slight_smile:

That’s really great news, many thanks.