gear vr file packaging error

Hi Everybody. I’m studying for a long time for this error log in my project. When I packaging my project ı see this error log.Can u help me please ?link text

Hi ugrysr,

The error log shows the following error throughout:

Program.Main: ERROR: You are attempting to compile on a machine that does not have a supported compiler!

This indicates that you do not have the appropriate version of Visual Studio installed, which is necessary to compile UE4 projects with Gear VR plug-ins or any project containing C++ Code (but not blueprint only projects.)

Use Visual Studio 2013 before UE4.10 and Visual Studio 2015 for UE4.10 on.


Hi ,
Thanks for your answer.
I’m uninstall VS2015 and installed 2013 version.I’m sending you my new error log file :smiley:
It can be another error?link text

The log still includes the “no supported compiler” error above… Please check to make sure you installed the Common Tools with Visual Studio 2013. If not you can simply add them to your current installation.

If this does not resolve the issue, try repairing your build as well as rebuilding your project with VS.

Also just to clarify, are you using a source build of UE4.7 or using the Launcher to open your project in UE4.7?

I couldn’t understand… I’m uninstal all tools and re-install now. I don’t know which common tools ı must install?
I’m sending U new screenshot. Thank’s for your answers. (sorry my englısh to :slight_smile: )

And I can open my UE4 project from simply Launcher.

I think I’ve discovered the cause of your problem: Having special characters in your user name will trigger this error. Looking through the logs I see “?” in your username, I assume as a substitute:

Adjusting your user name should correct this problem.

Yes yes yes! ı did know this :slight_smile: ı think ask u this , but later I leave of my mind… I will try change name. If u know any method about this " not damage my files " , maybe u can help me :smiley: . I read another subject about this change but I afraid can any damage to my files.

Anyway thanks for your answer…