Gear VR DOcs are now live

Hey Everybody,

Just wanted to let you all know that the Gear VR documents are now available. You can find them by clicking on the following link.



These have already helped immensely, Sam. Just enabling bFullyRough and disabling bUseLightmapDirectionality on all textures saw a considerable release in performance. And running stat d3d11rhi on the headset and logcat over wi-fi is like “ah, I get it now. wow, okay.”

I sound like a fanboy and say thank you a lot, yet dammit - I mean it. I’m a fan, what can I say. The effect that your guys’ work is having on my life can’t be overstated and it means a lot to me.

Sam and Nick (evil), JJ and Nick, you guys are the awesome.

Thanks…Question…Which Nick is the Evil one?.. I also am super happy that this helped you out…After the live stream I kind of felt like I let you guys down so I made sure the documents where extra polished to make up for it…Again really glad to know that the documents are helping you out…Let me know if you have any questions or if you feel something is missing…Oh man I am all over this with the edits today…There are a few things that I forgot to mention in the doc.

1: Make sure to set your Directional light from Stationary to Static and then rebuild your level lighting.
2: You can get a better idea of what the level is going to look like on the target device if you enable Opengl ES2 previewing by going to the Main Toolbar and going Settings->**Preview Rendering Level **-> Mobile/HTML. While not a perfect match its a really good approximation.
3: The Skydome that is used in the template maps is really expensive on the Gear VR. I would suggest that you delete it or trim down the instruction count on the Material so that it runs faster.

Excellent! I look forward to reading through it all tonight. Thanks for the hard work, Sam.

  • Dave

Excellent, thank you for pushing out quality documentation.

:smiley: In the live stream earlier they were kidding each other about Nick Donaldson being the evil twin because of the facial hair and how all movie villains seem to have British or Commonwealth accents. I personally don’t think he’s evil. Though his profiling skills do come across like magical powers sometimes.

And you didn’t let us down - basic, intermediate or advanced, you empower and lift all of us up, with every day that you go in and do what you do.

Thanks Sam for this docs - very helpful in terms of optimizing for me!

I have a query though that maybe you or someone else here could help with (perhaps I should ask in the materials sub-forum as well but will try here first :slight_smile: ):

Since Mobile HDR needs to be off this means emissive glow is not possible by using a value greater than 1 to the emissive color node of a material. I’m wondering if there is another way to get a glow type effect on the GearVR (for example a glowing ball)?? - I’ve till now a totally unlit environment and unlit materials - would be great if there was some trick using some special blend mode or something that faked it even if it didn’t look as good as the real thing?

Many thanks in advance for any info / possible tricks!

Hello, I have the same question as aussieburger. According to the docs bloom in postprocessing is not supported and cranking the emissive to high values does nothing. Is there any way to get a glow effect on the gear?

Thank you.