[Gear VR] Default Lit Material black after updating S6 to Marshmallow

I have been working on a few prototypes with great success, but after recently updating the test phone to Marshmallow, every object that uses the Default Lit Material is rendering black. The Skybox which uses an Unlit material shows up as expected.
For the record, I don’t use any textures (every color in the game is a Constant3Vector), and it was working great before the update. Lighting is built prior deploying.

All ideas are appreciated.

I have the same problem after updating S6 to Marshmallow.

Zarts, do you use any textures or are u also relying on flat colors? shortly after I posted I deployed another, earlier build of another project that I had handy, that uses textures and was rendering fine…
I’ve since reverted to Lollipop 5.1.1, so i can’t check myself if the Constant3Vector node is the culprit.

Exact same problem here. It’s driving me crazy for a few days, can’t build a correct version anymore.
Even if I use the old install files (that had no problem before) all the objects come out black…

Any news about this problem?

It appears fixed in 4.11(8), and since 4.11 is gonna be released shortly I doubt they’ll move the fix to 4.10.

Thanks for your quick reply! Let’s hope so, can’t test my gearvr game… :wink:

Ok, i have this problem now because with 4.11 always get Threat Priority Exception, with 4.10 works fine but now with Marshmallow we get all textures in black.

This is crazy.

4.11 works just fine for me. Have u forgotten to copy the osig file to 4.11 before building? If I’m not mistaken the lack of the aforementioned was the reason for a similar exception…