Gear VR Crosshair issue


So I started working with unreal and the Gear VR, and I am having issues with the cross-hair placement. I Have read as many similar issues as I can find and haven’t managed to resolve the issue.

I tried creating a widget and a 3d widget but could not figure out how to use the 3d widget as the cross-hair. Whereas a normal widget just offsets the cross-hair crazily.

Having an actual mesh infront of the camera works as a cross hair but has high stereo meaning it makes you go cross eyed!

Has anyone got a good resolution to doing crosshairs for the Gear VR?

I am pretty new to blueprinting!


I had a similar issue I needed to solve, if I remember correctly I followed Mitch’s VR tutorial starting here because I wanted to interact with things using gaze:

If you don’t need that sort of interaction the simpler version is to create a UI Blueprint Widget that contains an image of whatever you want to use as a crosshair. Then attach a Widget component to your player and reference the BP with the crosshair. Move the widget component away from the player (about 400 on the x-axis) so it’s comfortable to look at.

I can get into more detail if that doesn’t make sense, unsure of your Unreal experience…