[Gear VR] Black Screen

Hey guys,

So I’ve just posted a question on answer hub regarding a black screen issue, console appears and I can hear the gun from the FPS template firing - but still a black screen.
Errors reference couldn’t open defaultDistortion.bin and No valid eyetexture 0.

The odd thing is, this was working fine over the last few days.
Question here: [Gear VR - MSAA] no valid eye texture. - XR Development - Unreal Engine Forums

If anyone can assist me with this, it would be greatly appreciated.

similar thing reported at the bottom of:

Are you running a Snapdragon Note 4 with lollipop? Seems to give a black screen.

Running lollipop on snapdragon Note 4 yeah, I’ve managed to fix the issue though… I had to build 4.7.6 from Git, If anyone wants to continue on this post and if they’ve any suggestions. I can attempt to figure out what the route cause is for history’s sake. :slight_smile:

Edit: This is caused by the MSAA kikat patch not working on Lollipop -

Links for further info & discussion:

Im on Android 5.1.1 , it was working but now it’s not. Im having this problem and it seems it’s software related to a service not starting. The light sensor in front works , because I put my finger in front and the navigation lights up/off on Note 4. Waiting a while then you hear the beep that it’s on / off (Light sensor) there is a delay or something wrong with the services that watch for this. I had a custom Rom that it always did this on. It was working great and must have installed something or changed a setting in start up… still trying to figure it out.
Ive been searching for weeks now. I did find this today; Maybe someone savvy can diagnose whats going on behind the scenes… https://docs.unrealengine.com/latest/INT/Platforms/GearVR/Debugging/