Gbuffer missing content

In the past days I’ve been digging into video rendering with UE4 with the sequencer and found 3 very important passes for film compositing are missing in the Gbuffer.

Indirect Irradiance

There should possibly be a workaround fiddleing with the code.

I’m wondering if Epic is planning on including these passes some day since they are key parts for filmmaking with UE4.

Has anybody else run into this problem and maybe found a different solution than alterin code?

There is no such information and GBuffer and it is very unlikely to appear there. Unlike pre-rendered graphics, reflections here are calculated from existing scene image, so there is no separate dedicated pass for it.

Same with refraction. It takes existing composited picture and distorts it according to your refractive material.

Your workaround would be to adjust settings of these features before compositing. Gladly you do not need to have a render farm at hand to iterate on that, unlike conventional CG.

So, there is a way to get these ‘passes’?
Which features do you mean I’d need to adjust the settings of?

And thanks a lot for the quick response!