Gaze based menus in a simple Cardboard VR game

I’m creating a simple VR game for Cardboard for which I’m using blueprints only and while the gameplay itself is already done, I’d like to have the possibility to control the menu at the start of the game with no buttons but only gaze events, like in many other cardboard apps where you just look at something for some time and it triggers a click. Can I do it in any simple manner with blueprints only? Also, would I be better off just doing it with the corresponding buttons actually being actors or should I do it with the UI widgets? Which way would be easier to implement?

Thanks a lot in advance as I’m really lost with how to tackle this!

I strongly suggest you to take a look at the “Look based Interaction” made by MitchVR Lab, there youg go.
In the example you’ll see a box being used as an example, but you can also do the same thing with a widget.

Thank you but oh my, that’s almost two hours of content :open_mouth: Basically I only need it in my game to handle one button - the “Start” at the beginning of the game (and maybe “Retry” after the character crashes). I don’t need it to be portable, elegant, optimized or adhere to the best practices, basically any quick and dirty solution that allows me to interact with this one button is all I need - isn’t there a more concise way of doing this? :frowning:

OK, managed to solve it on my own using various resources online! :slight_smile: I created a new BP actor class for things I’m going to be interacting with and am using a linetrace to check them. Here’s a blueprint I used: