GAS Abilities doesn't replicate to Client


Sometimes the gameplay abilities isnt replicated to client… For the first time that I open my project and run, it works normally as expected. Then if I change anything on character blueprint, it doesnt work anymore.

As I said, the gameplay abilities its on server side, but it isnt replicated to client, so I cant use any ability. For the client that r working as listen server, its works great too (as expected, since its the server).

You can see on video, when i use EnableGDT on server, it shows the abilities of Character1 correctly, but if I try to debug GAS on Character1 client, it doesnt show the abilities…

I am giving these abilities on Character::PossessedBy(AController* NewController), exactly the same way that was made here: ActionRPG/RPGCharacterBase.cpp at master · larrynow/ActionRPG (

Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Any idea?


Hi! Do you find the solution? I have the same problem

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