Gaming Laptop vs Desktop : Which is Better?

I don’t know if it is a suitable forum, if not, please forgive me. I want to have a discussion here.
Gaming on a laptop or desktop computer is one the most discussed topics amongst intending, beginning and also veteran gamers who have been gaming only on laptops or on desktops for a very long time.

Are gaming on laptops and gaming-desktops the same thing or are there differences that could facilitate a change in a machine? Are the differences between gaming laptops and gaming desktops enough to result in a preference? Should you get a gaming laptop or a gaming desktop?

Update: These are some of the most common problems for gamers, I found the answer from this article, which provides a very comprehensive comparison. Anyone can read this article: Gaming Laptop vs Desktop : Which is Better?

laptops are more expensive than a desktop with comparable specs.

erm…laptops are easier to carry…about the only thing that wins over a desktop really…

I had a gaming laptop…but it was kind of pointless when most of the time it was plugged into a monitor with a USB keyboard plugged in…

to be honest it doesn’t really matter either way, they are both a computer…

For me desktop all the way. Unless you take it round your mates alot.

Longevity is a big factor… From day one the Asus ROG laptops I have, used to freeze.
After about 2 years they would hard reset randomly often without taxing the GPU/CPU.

In short…

You need to do more due diligence if you need to ‘work mobile’ as desktop is far safer.

This is probably a spam thread but we’ll see what happens

I have a gaming laptop but there is too cooling issue. I think desktop is best.

This is not a spam, I am just entangled in whether or not to replace a desktop computer as a laptop. :wink:

Depends on your needs, but my laptop cant change the processor or gpu. Ram is limited to 2 slots, and it wont run a large project without being plugged in. So yeah you already know whats better, but do you want to take your computer out with your project in it?

My opinion Desktop is better than Laptop. I personally have a gaming laptop but when I started playing games on my laptop than after some time it getting heated like it blast anytime and also faced issues playing game because of heat up. That’s why I buy PC for gaming now I can play game smoothly on my PC never get any issue about it and also any time I can upgrade my PC also. Thanks to Reviewsdir they guided about the gaming PC and I buy Corsair One Compact gaming PC: Home |

Laptop only when you ALREADY have desktop, want to be hipster and show your friends what you have done in unreal.

Seriously laptops never have been useful for me, every time i took laptop for working while traveling I did nothing on laptop, I just carried a brick that is fragile expensive and all it did was making me overly cautious where i put by backpack. That is all what laptop did for me, just carrying that thing and never really working on it.

I kind of work (live) in 2 places (depends on season), i have laptops from my work (for security reasons), but i still prefer to have separate desktops in both places I live, and I only carry small hard drive with backup of all things i done in last year. Laptop is usually useless weight i carry, so last year i decided to not carry it.

It is simple if you need choose between laptop and desktop, get desktop, better prices, better comfort, not burning your manhood.
Get laptop only when you already have great desktop and you really want to show off, or you are mutant that can do productive work while away on trip in some smelly motel.
I tried to work multiple times on trip, and never could do more than just opening unreal editor.

Ps. desktop with decent card (like 1080TI) can easily handle 4 full HD montiors, and i have not seen yet laptop that can handle two external monitors at once.


Some Laptops definitely do support multiple-screens HDMI + mini-DisplayPort etc.
Curious if that’s pretty common or not though… My rigs are circa 2012 (Asus ROG)…

Laptops are a risky bet. But they’re enormously useful. Maybe not for doing game work on trains / buses / planes. But if you’re staying away from home they’re a lifesaver. Even just for doing menial / boring tasks on the sofa or while watching TV etc.

So how do you move between 2 locations… Owning a desktop at each destination is expensive. One sits there mostly rotting / aging… Also, carrying a backup drive is fine, but it doesn’t capture all the software changes you’ve made to your main rig…

If you had identical hardware at each location and just carried the drive, that might make more sense… However unless both rigs are Linux based, you’re probably into Windows-Activation ‘HELL’, plus other gotchas I can’t even think of right now… :stuck_out_tongue:

The critical deciding factor is how much portability do you need.

If you work at home in the same room 90% of the time get a desktop.

If you are on the road traveling 90% of the time get a laptop.

If cost is no option, get both.

If cost is super important - get as desktop.

Interpolate between these extremes.

I have rotation for hardware. Going between Poland and Iceland every year. So first i am buying some, great hardware for summer in Poland, installing it there. Then that hardware goes to Iceland after summer. And bit older hardware (one that i replaced) from Iceland goes to Poland next summer. Each summer i upgrade motherboard or graphics card. Or nothing at all (last 4 years i did not have need for upgrading). Cost is not any higher than owning single desktop, i kind of use old used hardware in second one. Only real cost for this kind of rotation are monitors.

Windows activation hell, well you can have win7 license cheaply (or you could have year or so ago). Agreed there would be major pita for 3d apps like 3d max, Houdini etc, but i am coder, not using them anyway.