Gameworks VR, VR SLI, DK2 HTC Vive - which graphics card now?

Ok so I’ve got to buy a new graphics card anyways since VR Preview does not work with Unreal 4.10.1 using my current GTX 760.

I’m thinking a single GTX 980 , 4 GB for now since it’s the recommended hardware specs by Oculus (for now) and all I can afford at the moment anyhow.

Then I was reading this:

Now I’ve just got a big headache!

Q: If I plan to eventually get a second GTX 980 to use in VR SLI configuration …

i - Does it even work for VR SLI and Unreal?

ii - Do I have to get exactly the same make and model of GTX 980?

I just need to get a new graphics card so I can continue developing in Unreal for VR for now.

  1. VR Sli and render plugins
    Not an expert on in depth GPU for rendering.

But what i understand is that currently the Unreal Engine doesn’t automaticly use sli rendering for Oculus as talked about in Nvidia Gameworks.
In order to get that you need to manually install that feature into the engine, it should be somewhere in the Gameworks assets. At least that’s how I understand it.
Epic is planning to add some aditional render features in 4.11 for VR, a lot of that is also in preparation for the Consumer release version of the HMD’s.
Check the following link and than the 2e link for patch notes, Didn’t see the gameworks features in it.
I hope Epic will also work on some VR features concerning HMD rotation in matinee and easy interface creation, but my uneducated guess is that it wont happen for 4.11

To add to the confusion, I also believe nvidia has other “plugins” that can be installed for special rendering features…Some allow for better results or better performance but the assets it influences might need special assets (special materials). But that’s sort of what I understand of it. I won’t be touching this aspect anytime soon :P.

I’d suggest googling this. It’s a common consumer question.
However I’m not sure if it’s worth buying one 980 and than later get a second one for development. The 900 serie wasn’t developed with VR in mind and 4k performance is still problematic. I am expecting their to be added features for VR in future generation but it might still be limited with the first new generation.

Having said that it’s a matter of priority and budget.
The memory is really important and you might just need that extra performance of 980 even if it’s 200 euro higher than the 970. Maybe 2x 970 might also be an option? Be aware that in SLI the memory doesn’t stack. 2x 4gb is still 4gb. Do want to note that it will probably be hard to get the 90 fps with the Consumer HMD version so you might just need every performance you can get. VR is in heavy development so it’s all guesswork for me.

I myself am using a Geforce 770 GTX 4gb. Luckily the products i’m currently developing are for companies who will use it inhouse or to show customers. So they will just setup up a very powerful platform which my current goal is geforce 970, I will see if that changes with the upcoming HMD’s.

Talrosh - Yeah I think I’ll wait and see what happens.

I went back and tried different settings on my desktop. Luckily I was able to get VR Preview mode to work with a GTX 760 and Unreal versions 4.7.6 to 4.10.1 as long as I use Oculus SDK!

Now I can get back to work! I’ll worry about getting the best hardware for presentation purposes later.