Hello there,

Anyone tried this out yet, or got experience with this yet?

Please share your opinions. I’m interested what everyone thinks about this.



I would like to know too…

I haven’t had time to try and get the example that comes with the UE4 SDK going, but would also be interested in hearing anyone elses experiences.

Saving that link for future reference, thanks.

I think some form of cloud service would be gold for indie devs that need a solid multiplayer component, assuming it can be integrated without a huge hassle.

Says on their website they have full UE4 integration, so I look forward to reading some reports. :slight_smile:

^^ I’m not sure how much blueprint integration there will be, but they already have a few blueprints in there.
Seems like it’s mostly just a plugin/easy integration.

They do mention it’s still an early beta stage though.

I have been paying with it for a day now. It integrates every easy… just copy the Plugins folder over and change a few settings. However the current example project Blueprints only have a couple Functions: Connect and disconnect. I am currently working on expanding the code to include Player registration and login. Now I see why they didn’t include this functionality in the example.
On a side note, i spent a couple of days trying to implement PlayFab, and that was just a mess. I got the UE4 sample project from them, but it was written for 4.4 and doesn’t convert directly over to 4.7.

Hello guys,

For information Gamesparks has released a beta version available with full blueprint support, you can find the link and some informations (the documentation is not released yet, it’ll be in the release version coming very soon i think) here, at the end of the first page : UE4 plugin : GameSparks

With the demo project i’ve managed to implement some registration and login in a matter of minutes, and the support seems very responsive, that’s a good point :slight_smile:

Hi everybody!

We just released a fresh batch of new Getting Started tutorials which aim to give you a firm grasp of our platform and help you get comfortable with our back-end. It’s super easy to get things integrated and for you to use our plugin for Blueprint or C++ development! We’re constantly working on new things and tutorials for you guys to try out, I’m here for any questions, inquiries or directions any of you need!

resurrecting some interest here - anyone developing with Gamesparks as a backend server infrastructure? I’m having a good amount of difficulty getting their C++ SDK library included into visual studio. the blueprints work pretty well - but very low end support in the documentation for UE4 pipelines/workflows… everything is tailored/aimed to Unity support.

Only day 1 with it… so I’m nailing away at a lot of information and plugging some code up… but just wondering if anyones got some good leverage yet on their systems & how they like it so far?

I went searching for both C++ and Blueprint node documentation and I didn’t find much…??


To add GameSparks in C++ you need to add it as dependency. In YourProjectName.Build.cs file add this:

PublicDependencyModuleNames.AddRange(new string] { "GameSparks" });

Then you can start adding the GameSparks Component. For example in your GameMode you can add the below include file and access GameSparks Component.

#include "Private/GameSparksComponent.h"

UGameSparksComponent* GameSparksComponent;

Im using GameSparks as well and I am accessing GameSparks functions like Connect, Disconnect etc. from C++.

Worth a try.

But that 2c per MAU escapes my ability to judge it it will make me broke or not.
Are there any examples about how to estimate cost?

Will definitely test it. Thanks for sharing the link.

You don’t pay anything while developing;
You pay after 100.000 first MAUs. If your game did not monetize anything from the first 100k players of the month, then yeah you’d be in a bit of a trouble.

I think its 10000 not 100000

I don’t remember exactly, but I think they have an indie program just like Unity’s.

The first 100,000 are free as you can see here.


Just spotted this service, will test it out. Authentication seems to be easy, not sure about adding inventory/stash and stuff like this. #RessurectThread

@reok Woww. Thx for thread. Working great.

Having only Connect and Disconnect as feature seems abit odd to me. Am I missing something, or expecting too much, or just don’t get it at all? o.o