Games on BP and C++

Plese give list of game who use only c++ or visual scripting.

Hi. Thank you for you answer!


from marketplace blueprint category you can find some pure BP projects.

I think you are trying to find a good excuse to distinguish c++ from BP as two different independent parts of engine ( you are in a wrong way)

you cannot use ue4 effectively if you think c++ and BP are two different parts of engine that work independent of each other.

UE4 not= c++

UE4 not= BP

UE4 = c++ and BP

they are complementary for each other.

as Epic suggested if you are not a programmer you can use BP only to make a complete game (but not a flawless one)

as an advice : try not to find an answer for this question.

try to learn what you like then you can work with other people as a team.