GameplayDebugger with dedicated server

Engine Version 4.8.1

Hi, I have the gameplay debugger working with my systems in listen server mode. However it fails to work when connecting a client to a dedicated server, the UI simply fails to appear.

Debugging, I don’t see how it would ever work, I suspect the code checked in is incomplete or broken? What I see is that in FGameplayDebugger::Exec, on NM_Client, the comments claim that it is sending a cheat message to the server to EnableGDT, but there is no mechanism to actually do this and the console command is unhandled (starting Ln482).

If need be I’ll go implement a client->server RPC to enable the the system, but if someone over there at Epic already has the code for this pointing me to a CL# would be welcome :slight_smile:

Did you ever solve this?

I ran into a similar problem with ShooterGame I posted about here.