Gameplay Tasks Module

I’m a bit unsure what the purpose and status of the gameplay tasks module is. Is it save to use or will it change in the future and what would be a use case of the gameplay tasks?


I’d also like to hear some explanation of how it is supposed to work in long run, and what is intended use for it.
I assume it some kind of command system for AI, where tasks are something AI can do, and they implement specific actions pawn will do, like sword attack.

But how it differs from Behaviour Tree tasks ?

Any info on this?

Looks Gameplay Tasks Module has been done in 4.13.
Any docs?


AI tasks are an extension of gameplay tasks and are mean as main communication layer between all sorts of logic sources (BT, FSM, level scripting, extermal-induced reactions, etc) and the AI entity itself. In 4.14 I’m going to flip the switch and BT tasks by default are going to spawn AI tasks instead of directly messing with AI agents’ internals. Both Paragon and Fortnite have been successfully using AI tasks for some time now, and Gameplay Tasks are also a super set of Ability Tasks used by Gameplay Abilities System. So yeah, there’s here to stay.

I’ve talked to our docs team and they’ve put gameplay tasks in their priority queue. It’s a long queue, but at least it’s priority :wink:

In 4.14 I’m going to flip the switch and BT tasks by default are going to spawn AI tasks instead of directly messing with AI agents’ internals.


Does this mean if we have a lot of BT’s and tasks that we should not upgrade to 4.14 when it comes out?

We’ve been successfully using AITasks and AbilityTasks internally for a long time (around 18 months), so I have resons to believe we have most of the bugs fixed already. Of course there are cases we haven’t encountered in our projects, and users in the wild will hit those. If you do we will fix them, or you can always flip the switch back - we’re just changing the default value, not taking the switch away.

One correction, the change will be in 4.15.

Is there any sort of reference/tutorial for how to utilize AITasks and AbilityTasks?

I assume they more enjoy adding new features than documenting them.
It seams it was 27 months since they start to use them, almost 2.5 years…

You assume wrong, good sir. We’re just constantly busy with higher priority tasks.

Regarding AITasks, a number of BT nodes spawn AITasks to do their bidding, so you can look at that (like UBTTask_MoveTo for example). The AbilityTasks are meant to be used exclusively in UGameplayAbility-derived blueprints so first you need to set up your project to use Ability System - once that’s done using ability tasks is pretty straightforward (via BP).

Thank you for your reply Mieszko (member of your fanclub here, stalking every commit and activity, lol). I am interested in gameplay/AI tasks too but I understand you guys are super busy. Maybe it could be topic of your next blog ? Just to show off why is it useful, list some use cases, even when task will be just printing log. Btw. you probably want to update link to your blog in the signature :smiley:

Yes it would be very helpful to read a blog post describing the overall purpose and intent of the Gameplay/AI Tasks.

In the meantime, I’ll take a closer look at some of the existing tasks. Thanks for the reply

Well I indeed made a mistake. I was confused with this topic somehow became both AI and gameplay tasks.
Although I have to admit still many features are not well documented, if at all.

Wow :smiley: That blog has been offline for at least two years! Thanks for pointing it out :slight_smile:

Sadly, you’re right.

Hi, sorry to bring up again and old thread, but I’m also searching documentation on tasks and actions before implementing my own system for that.

We need actions for combat, for example special attacks, but also tasks like everyday activities (harvesting food, drinking water, …). I would like to know if I should extend the tasks/actions already present in Unreal, but to do that we need some documenation / tutorial which explains how to use those.