GamePlay Profiler?

In UDK the GamePlay Profiler was very handy in finding what code is running at specific times for debugging, is there a similar tool for Rocket?




Gameplay profiler has been removed. There is a new tool that can be used to debug the performance and it should be available soon. However, at this moment you can use several console commands to debug the performance of your game.
Here is the list of commands that dump more information into the log file.

stat dumpframe -ms=## -depth=## -root=name

This command dumps a frame of stats.

  • Depth is used to cull everything deeper than the specified value in the callstack, default value is max_int.
  • MS is used to cull the callstack, by default this value is set to 5ms, so everything that takes less than 5ms will be aggregated and displayed as other children.
  • Root is a substring search and is used to cull the result to the particular name, can be used to search for issues with assets, objects etc. By default root is empty.

A few examples to experiment with:

stat dumpframe
stat dumpframe -ms=.001 -root=initviews -depth=1
stat dumpframe -ms=.001 -root=shadow
stat dumpframe -ms=.001 -root=asset_name
stat dumpframe -ms=.001 -root=skeletalmesh

stat DumpAve [-start | -stop | -num=###] -ms=## -depth=##
stat DumpMax [-start | -stop | -num=###] -ms=## -depth=##
stat DumpAdd [-start | -stop | -num=###] -ms=## -depth=##

These commands aggregate stats over multiple frames and then dump the results.
If you want to start aggregating use command with -start or enter the number of frames.
To stop use the command with -stop or if you entered a specific number of frames, just wait for the results.
Num by default is set to 30 frames.

  • DumpAve gives the per-frame average.
  • DumpMax gives the worst frame for all callstacks.
  • DumpAdd gives the sum of all callstacks.


stat dumpmax -start the game...
stat dumpmax -stop

stat dumpave -num=2000
stat dumpmax -num=2000

stat DumpHitches

This command is toggle. When it is on, it dumps out every frame that hitches.
t.HitchThreshold is the console variable that controls what is considered a hitch. The default is 75ms.

I hope it helps :slight_smile:
Let me know if you need anything else.

Thanks Jaroslaw!