Gameplay Effect Initial Delay


I am using GAS and I have a Trigger box which if the player overlaps applies an effect to the player, the effect is called GE_FireDamage.

What is want to do is make the fire damage the player over 3 seconds I have used the Duration modifier and set the periodic field to 1 so it damages the player every 1 second for 3 seconds.

What I am getting is as soon as I enter the trigger the player gets damaged, I want the initial delay of some sorts that waits 1 second before delivering the first damage.

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Hello there :wave:

Based on what you wrote above, could you just put an initial delay before you are applying the Gameplay Effect?

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I am also currently using delay node as a temporary solution, I was hoping for a more concrete built in Gameplay effect field but now that you also mentioned delay node, I do feel more confident in using it.


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