Gamepad for samusng galaxy s7


I’d like to know if a gamepad can be used for the movement through the level with gear VR and if so, can PS4 gamepad be used?


I’d give it a go, the PS4 controller connects via bluetooth. A quick google search says that you can connect one, not sure whether you’d need to add the controls in Unreal though.

Thanks lewistruvision, I’ll give it a go with this tutorial

Hi numsi550,

A number of bluetooth controllers work with Android. If you have it paired, pressing a button on the controller should get UE4 to assign it as the first controller (id 0).

I have tried a few PS4 controllers in the office but they fail to pair with the instructions at the above site but this may be due to the firmware on the controller. Some sites recommend connecting by wire with an OTG USB adapter. I have used Samsung’s bluetooth controller, various Nvidia controllers, and the Amazon controllers successfully.