Gamepad Action Mappings Doesn't Work In Splitscreen

I have a four player splitscreen setup. The pawns can move and rotate but the action mappings only affect the first pawn.
You can reproduce this issue if you create multiple players with a spectator pawn and then press the Gamepad Right Thumbstick of your second or third Gamepad.

Axes events have different controller ids whereas key events always have the controller id 0.

Hey Timbo-

Using the setup shown below inside the MyGame BP I was able to get input from multiple controllers. In the Create Player node where it shows “Controller ID” of -1 sets each newly created player to the next available controller (0 first, then 1, then 2, then 3). Each player was able to move around as well as jump with the A button and press the right thumb stick to for a custom “taunt” function inside the MyCharacter BP.

If you’re playing in editor make sure you click inside the viewport window so that all controllers can get controller input properly.


Hey ,

Thanks for your fast reply and for your nice blueprint example. You are right it works in 4.5.1.
I use the 4.6 Preview and there it doesn’t work.

Hey Timbo-

I was able to reproduce this problem on the 4.6 preview and have submitted it to our internal tracking database (UE-5679) for investigation by our engineers.


Any progress??

Hey -

This is fixed in the current 4.6.1 release