_GameMode::PreLogin crash if use UniqueId->GetHexEncodedString() linux dedicated server

Trying to understand the GameMode :: PreLogin variable “UniqueID” and “UKismetSystemLibrary :: GetUniqueDeviceId” are one and the same result, but if I try to use UniqueId-> GetHexEncodedString () in a dedicated server on linux, crash if hi try to do this line

FString _logMsg = UniqueId->GetHexEncodedString();
but if remove this line, work fine.

use the source of the Engine 4.11.0 Preview 4 from GitHub

construction of a dedicated server on Win7 for Linux (v4_clang-3.5.0_ld-2.24_glibc-2.12.2)

runs on Linux Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

Hey Anatoliy-

Can you provide the callstack and log files from the crash for additional information? Also, can you explain how you setup your project to use GetHexEncodedString() or provide a sample project with this issue so that I can try to test this issue on my end?


Hi . Yes, if for you will be better i can send anything cpp fiels or all project for help. What about log files i think you means this. Sorry i do not have good skills in programming. Can`t send “minidump.dmp” and “wermeta.xml” permissions denied wen i try send.

About " Also, can you explain how you setup your project to use GetHexEncodedString()", i just want look what stored in GameMode :: PreLogin variable “UniqueID” and understand this variables.

If you add the .dmp and .xml to a zip file you should be able to upload the zip here. Sending a copy of the project would help me see exactly where the crash is occurring. What action are you taking when the crash occurs (Such as saving, compiling a blueprint, playing in editor, etc)?

This folder created when crash. dedicated server works fine on linux. But when client try connect to dedicated server and running ::PreLogin with this string “FString _logMsg = UniqueId->GetHexEncodedString();” server crashed. If i remove this all works fine. Client compiled for windows. Dedicated server for Linux.
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When dedicated server compiled (linux chipping server) and running on linux pc, and client compiled from VS2015 or build in UE4 or run in UE4. How i understand client start connecting to dedicated server and dedicated server run PreLogin and this function run string “FString _logMsg = UniqueId->GetHexEncodedString();” and dedicated server crash. I create tomorrow project like my and send in forum.

Hey , i create test project for trace bug (or not bug). Dedicated server crash in windows too like in linux. I hope this will helpful. To start bug, compile client and dedicated server run and in moment client connected to dedicated server, his (server) crashed.
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Can you explain how you setup your server/client dedicated server for the test project? I tried creating a new project and in the drop down menu next to play I set number of players to 2 and checked the box for dedicated server. In both PIE mode and standalone mode I did not get any crash server or client side. Can you walk me through your setup so I can try testing for this crash on my end?

Hi , i tested ue4testcrash.zip project in PIE and standalone mode yep, all works fine. But if i use

for windows

  1. file->pacetge project → windows → windows(64)
  2. open project in visual studio 2015 and build with solution configuration (Shipping server win64)
  3. Copy file from \Binaries\Win64\UE4TestCrashServer-Win64-Shipping.exe to WindowsNoEditor\UE4TestCrash\Binaries\Win64\
  4. run server and client (UE4TestCrash.exe UE4TestCrashServer-Win64-Shipping.exe)
    5.on this moment all works fine and i see UE4TestCrashServer-Win64-Shipping.exe in task maneger-> process
  5. click button in client to connect server
  6. and on this moment dedicat server closed without any massages i dont see him in maneger-> process

for linux
from 1 - 6 step all also but selected linux
7. after connect UE4TestCrashServer-Linux-Shipping closed and with him created crash folder.

If i not use “FString _logMsg = UniqueId->GetHexEncodedString();” this string in ::PreLogin gamemode all work fine.


#include "UE4TestCrash.h"
#include "serverGameMode.h"

void AserverGameMode::PreLogin(const FString& Options, const FString& Address, const TSharedPtr<const FUniqueNetId>& UniqueId, FString& ErrorMessage)
#ifdef SERVER
	FString _logMsg = UniqueId->GetHexEncodedString();



#pragma once

#include "GameFramework/GameMode.h"
#include "serverGameMode.generated.h"

class UE4TESTCRASH_API AserverGameMode : public AGameMode
	virtual void PreLogin(const FString& Options, const FString& Address, const TSharedPtr<const FUniqueNetId>& UniqueId, FString& ErrorMessage) override;


Hi . I found problem. it`s my no high knowledge. I understood if i use pointers, first i must check of his existence.


FString _logMsg = UniqueId->GetHexEncodedString();


if (!UniqueId)


FString _logMsg = "UniqueId not exists";




FString _logMsg = UniqueId->GetHexEncodedString();


Thank you for helping and your time :slight_smile: