GameInstance BP Details

i used to keep all of my stats in my pawn but had to move them to game instance for map changing etc. working great however, back when it was a pawn I could click on the pawn in the world outliner while the game was running and look at all the stats/info there, this helped greatly with debugging issues. now that it is in the game instance I can no longer watch all the values at game runtime as the GameInstance does not show up in my world outliner is there another way to look at these values or a way to get the game instance to show up in the world outliner at runtime?

There no way around it, you would need to customize details tab in C++ to achieve that. Keep stats in pawn too and override them, make bool that trigger the ovarride on beginplay, best will be if you do that in game instance so it knows which stats to load or from it self or pawn. Also it would be more comftible if you use structure to keep stats so it easier to replace them.

Don’t know if instance resets on resetting PIE so if not, make pawn override instance stats

ick lol that’s messy well thank you very much for the info. Would love for this to be a feature request than lol intell than I will probably will just keep them mirrored to the pawn.