Gamedev: The Pipeline

Hi, guys!

My name is Aleksey S. I am a concept artist and an indie game developer from Canada.
After a few years of freelance and developing my skills, I wanted to contribute to the community that has taught me so much, so I’ve started a patreon page and I’m really excited to share what I’ve been working on.

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The theme of my first month was medieval fantasy. The character took 10 days from start to finish. Sculpted in Zbrush, retopology and UVs in 3D Coat, textured in substance painter.
I recorded the whole process and spent many sleepless nights narrating it and cutting it down to 6 hours of tutorials, which I am releasing for one dollar. Additional tiers offer assets, personalized feedback and a mentorship. I’m hoping that my wide range of skills and knowledge about gamedev asset production pipeline will be useful to people.

I am currently working on a second content pack, which is going to cover the creation process of a modular environment tileset. So far i have a rough BSP blockout in unreal engine and a few sketches. I will be using zbrush + 3d coat for sculpting and Substance painter for texturing. Here are some sketches:


Let me know what you guys think! If you like my content and wanna see more, please check out the Patreon page and throw a few bucks my way, which will help me focus on putting out more high-quality content.

I’ve been backing Alex since he launched a few weeks ago and already he’s putting out great content. Highly recommend getting on board for programmers and artists alike. Being able to see the steps involved from the coding side gives you a better understanding of the workflow and the value to the artist is pretty self-explanatory. Also it’s $1/mo… so wow much value.

I used the knight asset in my “Homage To Dark Souls” demo - it is an awesome asset!

Very high quality and great detail - here is a video of the asset rigged with Apex cloth in-game:

Highly recommended :slight_smile:

amazing , donated.

Excellent work. I’m always looking to learn more to improve my craft. I pledged a bit more than your Tier 1 asking price. Keep up the great work!

Thank you for your support, guys. It really means a lot to me!

Thank you, sbnewsom! Shadow Over Isolation looks fantastic!

Cool stuff

Looks fantastic! Happy to become a patron!

Thank you, Darkholder! Happy to have you onboard! :slight_smile:

Hi, guys! Here’s a small update on what I’ve been up to.
Modular environment series is starting to come together. It’s been a lot of work and there’s still a lot to do. It’s been super fun though. Really can’t wait to release it.






Here’s some mandatory fireballs action:

Hey there, saw your work on the community spotlight, looks amazing! Very curious, how did you handle the light-shafts from the window?

Hey, hippowombat! I had no idea I was on a community spotlight… That’s awesome! The Blueprints example project ships with a really nice god rays blueprint. Don’t tell anyone, but every time I need light shafts, I go there and I steal them. It’s called BP_LightBeam.

Congratulations on being in the Spotlight!

Thank you, Darkholder! I hope you are enjoying the videos. :slight_smile:

Content Pack #2 Update

Here’s another update on the environment. I’ve been putting some serious hours in it. Currently I have more than 150 hours of un-edited footage recorded that I will eventually turn into coherent, watchable amount of tutorials.


Hi, guys!
Here are some of the updated screenshots. Content pack #2 is now released and available to all patrons.


I am currently in the design stage of the next pack: Modular guns.


Hi, guys!

Totally forgot to post this sequencer test I’ve done with the environment few weeks ago.

And here’s a assault rifle design I’ve done in 3D-Coat over the weekend. Still not completely finalized. I’ve recorded the entire process and now putting together a free video on hardsurface voxel modelling in 3DC.


I’ve released a first part of my 3D-Coat blockout process tutorial.
Check it out!

Also, here’s back view:

Hi guys!
Long time no post!
GDP crew have successfully survived all of our Xmas and New Year activities and now we are back to full speed producing new awesome things for Gamedev the Pipeline!

Here’s a sneak peak at a few new things and some of the videos we recently released:

January 2017 Content Trailer

Unreal Engine: Dialogue Mechanic Overview

Unreal Engine: Creating collision geometry in Maya/Blender

Gamedev The Pipeline Podcast 01: Design Doc and Importance of Planning

Make sure to check out our youtube channel and the patreon page.
More tutorials and walkthrough videos are coming soon!