[GAME] YAG (rpg gameboard)

Hey everyone,

I am developing YAG, a networked RPG table with UE4 in c++.


YAG stands for “Yet Another Gameboard” and takes care of the following for you:

  • Dungeons: multi themed procedurally generated dungeons -using the amazing Dungeon Architect plugin-
  • Miniatures: hundreds of animated 3D characters and creatures (characters can be equipped with hundreds of weapons/spells/objects)
  • Dice: fully customizable 3D rolling dice
  • Character sheets allowing you to roll prepared dice formulas

Here’s the trailer:

And a 5 minutes presentation:

You can see more on the official screenshots page.

If you’re really interested, there is a youtube tutorial videos playlist in english and french that will show you everything there is to know.

Finally if you have time, you can read the full list of features.

The game is mostly finished, i’m currently preparing the Steam page for a public release in the forthcoming weeks i suppose, unless a serious bugs is found in the meantime.

EDIT: Yag now has a Steam page :slight_smile:

I don’t have a lot of testers so if you’re interested in trying it before release, please PM me and tell me how many people you want to play with, i can provide a few steam keys for you and your friends.

I only ask in return that you tell me everything that’s wrong with the game so i can fix small things before release, or postpone the release in case of a catastrophy :slight_smile:

EDIT: the release should arrive soon so i’m ending the beta tests. Thanks to all the testers :slight_smile:


There seems to be some misunderstanding about what Yag is :slight_smile: so to be clear, Yag is not a game you can play alone, in fact it’s not a game, it’s really a shared rpg gameboard.
You should see it exactly as a table in the real world: you have to sit around with friends to play any game.
Yag is like a virtual table equipped with all the tools needed to play any game, and of course especially RPGs.
You can launch it alone, for example to prepare a scene or a map and save it for later, but it’s exactly like sitting alone at a real table to prepare your game.
Yag gives you dungeons, miniatures, dice, maps, and character sheets, but you and your friends have to bring the rules and the game :slight_smile:
Hope it’s more clear by now.


I have been following this for a while now on your YT Channel. Loving this :slight_smile:

Hey HeadClot,

Thanks a lot, first reply on this thread and it’s a kind one, that’s nice to read :slight_smile:


hey bro I would like to test the game I have been playing moba for 6 years and feel like I want to play rpg I think this will do it let me test it please and I want to have fun too :slight_smile:

Quick update, i have posted v0.6.9.4: bugs corrections, new monsters, new spells, and animated icons to download large pictures.


Looks very nice. Better than any virtual RPG gameboard I’ve seen as a matter of fact. Any decision on cost? Is there a separate player client vs GM server? Is it modifiable at all by the purchaser?

Hi Canthitcrap,

Thanks a lot, there is a LOT of content for dungeons, heroes and creature (the game is currently about 17 Go), so it’d better look nice :slight_smile:
At the moment, price should be around $17 (well, $16.99 by steam standards^^).
I need some real world testers, so if you want to try it with some of your friends, just PM me, i’ll be glad to provide a few steam keys in exchange for any opinion you might have about it.

Now for your questions.
Client/server and player/GM are not correlated. Any client can be GM.
The only privilege of the server is that it is the only one that can make full binary saves (connected clients can only localy save dungeons parameters and character sheets in csv format).
The GM is just a regular player with the privilege to see everything: all character sheets, even the ones that don’t belong to him/her, and all the invisible pawns.
That’s it in a nutshell, but if you have time, the following videos should show you that with detailed examples, they are part of the YT tutorial playlist.

GM and invisibility:



Finally, i don’t understand what you mean by “modifiable by the purchaser”. Can you explain so i can answer ?


Thank you for answers. Modifiable just means adding my own monsters, objects, etc. I “mess” around on occasions with Unreal 4 and own a decent amount of content on the Marketplace (mobs with animations, etc.) and I won Dungeon Arch.

Oh i see. Then no, it’s not modifiable. Adding any asset (hero, creature, dungeon theme) is quite a long and complicated process even for me (they have a lot of properties, their BP inherit from c++ classes and so on), so i can’t even imagine how it would be possible for anyone without the source :slight_smile:

Looks very nice. I want to make a prototype like this.

Thanks, be warned it’s a huge lot of work :smiley:


Version is out:

  • bugs corrections
  • the square/hexagonal grid is more intuitive to use
  • dragons have been entirely overhauled and now spit fire !
  • a ton of new content due to the fall sale: some heroes, a lot of creatures and a brand new dungeon theme


Any thoughts on when it might actually hit Steam?

Technically everything’s ready, the steam page is done and i’m one click away from sending it to the steam review, which would make it public in 2-3 weeks if i read correctly the steam doc and if everything goes well.
But i have only tested it with friends. We’ve been using for 2 years now but it’s still only friends and people who know me personnaly, so it’s not an objective test :slight_smile:
So i’d like it to be fairly tested by a few people that don’t know me before hitting the go button, just in case we missed that big blocking bug that was right under our noses.
As soon as the game has been honestly tested and i’m confident its main features work well not only for me and my friends, it will be out soon :slight_smile:


Yag v0.7.0.0 is out with a new feature: global modifiers !

Thank you very much Canthitcrap for the idea :slight_smile:

As the modifier checkbox must be saved, the structure of the saves has changed and binary saves from previous versions (0.6 and less) are not compatible with 0.7.

So don’t forget to delete your old binary saves (explained in the video).

For now 0.7 is only on the beta branch and will go default in a few day.



v0.7.1.0 is now on the beta branch, it brings some filters in the character sheet that can be used as tabs, and the possibility to display the ceilings in some dungeons:

I’ll push it on the default branch soon.



v0.8.0.1 is on the default branch, i have embedded LUA and it is now possible to customize the Yag behavior through scripting :slight_smile:

For those interested, here’s a link to download the documentation for the API.



v0.8.1.0 is out, the dice behavior has been removed from the c++ code to give complete freedom to the user in LUA and the API is expending to allow interaction with the pawns.

I’ll be out on vacations this week so i won’t answer any PM before 10 days.


Thanks for doing great work, YAG was spotlighted on today’s livestream!

Thanks Victor !

And that’s my 15 seconds :slight_smile: