[game][wip]LOST BETWEEN - Free demo


Hello to my 16 followers, glad you joined my cult.

today after work later (18:00 GMT‎+2)​.

I will open the link to be downloadable! :partying_face:
so you are alone in the new year… not a problem
today you will be exploring weird stuff in the world of our girl in LOST BETWEEN!


This game can be played by young kids but be sure this has a dark vibe and some scary moment that may cause you no good!

overall the game is about finding way to escape your nightmare by thinking outside the box… and of course feel free to explore anything anyplace!

This demo is not all what the game has to offer but some element of the full release!

​this is just the 5th day in our girls journey… but I removed some stuff due to spoilers to the main large stories… so you wont be able to complete the level or transfer to the next one!

The voice acting is still in progress and also smoothing the animation inside the engine and much more!

If you enjoy. please support me and my precious project LOST BETWEEN! In few days a small funding group will start, it will give me and the people help me creating this A HUGE PUSH toward releasing the game faster!

thank you all

Happy new year ! 2022 :slight_smile:

Your Human alien friendly neighbor from your attic below!

Asaf Vigdarov


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Good-bye for now…

After many years of developing this game alone… I got to understanding that I cannot spare my free time to make this game due to it is not getting me any “feedback”*!

so I decided to take all my 15 levels I made and all this work. and just sit and relax… it will be on steam because it is my dream to make my own game… but I do not have to be limited in time… and so I decided to take my time and release it anytime I want!

so for now I will be focused on my own life and problem! when and if I will have bigger audience and feedback I will get back on track! so for now… stay safe and strong people!

I will soon start A fundraiser so stay tuned :slight_smile:

A. Vigdarov :heart:

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for anyone who missed the download


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Hello again @VigdArt, I know developing games can be challenging, especially when flying solo. I haven’t personally been able to play your game yet, but I know from the screenshots and the amount of general interest you have in your own game that your creation is worth the time you have invested. It’s ok to take a step away from development every now and then to ensure your well-being is taken care of. Thanks to the link you’ve provided, I will officially be able to download your game and give feedback once I’ve played it! Take all the time you need, and I’m sure the audience you’ve gathered so far will wait patiently to see this project through to its finality.


Hey, with that skill, and effort, if you give up then i will on cyber education realm… You are versalite and great if i may tink, you might have over worked your synapses so take a month for pen and paper and have some external worries as your priority, and then get back to finish your core target. That’s what i hope. Don’t give up on your dream ■■■■■■, your vision is all you have…

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Thanks again for the kind words… I cant say my game is the best. I just try to find the people who will like the exploration stuff and enjoy it the best way with the elements of horror and some puzzles…
thank you for your support! in this pace I will hire you :slight_smile: :heart:

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Thank you psy, when I meet you I will sacrifice you to Abashibalba ( from where I come from this is a huge compliment and a lie, I just like good feedback and don’t know what to say! thank you :heart:

It’s no problem at all! I’m enjoying my play-through of Lost Between thus far, even though I may be a little stuck at the moment. :sweat_smile: No worries though, the more challenging the puzzle/game-play, the more I enjoy my play-through. With that said, however, Lost Between has been an excellent experience, and the hard work you’ve put into this creation is appreciated!

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**[update] **

finished the puzzle and the blocking of the " white elephant city" which based and mixed with famous painting and megaphonia .(this photo taken inside the 3D modeling software)
this city in the world of “МА́ТУШКА”(lost between fictional land) feels soulless and empty!
is this a dream or nightmare?


Woah, I wonder what kind of horrors await us at this level. :eyes: I can’t wait to see how this scene turns out; keep up the great work!

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