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After many years of developing this game alone… I got to understanding that I cannot spare my free time to make this game due to it is not getting me any “feedback”*!

so I decided to take all my 15 levels I made and all this work. and just sit and relax… it will be on steam because it is my dream to make my own game… but I do not have to be limited in time… and so I decided to take my time and release it anytime I want!

so for now I will be focused on my own life and problem! when and if I will have bigger audience and feedback I will get back on track! so for now… stay safe and strong people!

I will soon start A fundraiser so stay tuned :slight_smile:

A. Vigdarov :heart:

LOST BETWEEN is and half open world horror adventure game where you can explore the mind of a girl who lost her memory, the only thing she remembers is to have 15 mothers and only one father, from this point the girl wakes up from a nightmare to find out she is still in one!

About me…
Hi! my name is Asaf A.V.
I’ve started my way as and 3D environment artist in Ue4 about 6 years ago!
went to 3D animation college in Israel… and since then I’m working on this game for almost 3 years!
After selling my first project in unreal engine to Korean MMO company I’ve decided to try build my own game… and now I start to share my work, cuz’ before I had some issues in life (like any one I guess) .and shy with engagement and society… I wanted to make just a huge open world cinematic horror movie with one map! and now the time lead me to large open world and multiple maps and crazy story that drifted me to make this an open world horror game !

The funding to this game will be next week and will be available with limit!

well more info in the future…
about me and mental issues, why horror, where this places take … and more!


Lost between Old Alpha test


SUPPORT ME!!!:heart:!!!


More screenshot from the LOST BETWEEN world…

inspired by Pribyat (chernobyl)

The Martyr forest

The childhood


A trailer from year ago uploaded now, hope you like it!


Cool Trailer!

As a horror junkie myself, please tell me - what was your inspiration for this game? It is finessed with creep factor and I love it!


As a self-proclaimed coward, I willingly admit that I’d definitely be too terrified to play this but would binge-watch a playthrough of it on youtube. And be just as terrified as if I were playing it myself.

Is there a chance to see a trailer anytime soon? It’d be really immersive to hear some of the spooky creature noises. :joy:


I’ll just list it in quick :
1.Someone I know that grew in religious house & went to schizophrenia
2.abandoned places and green overgrow fetish
3.I went to study for a degree in psychology and from there, just opened up my thinking differently
4.Trials and errors in life that led me to chronic nightmares and the need to make it visually


I made this game for my future wife, due to she is not liking horror , it will not include “jump-scares for fun”.
she loves tension… and with time I just mixed it some horrors and dark stories.
I’m trying to create an dark atmosphere world with twisted story you just will want to try yourself…
just like that time you “want to be depressed !”



update :
-Map for the DEMO LEVEL is on the working right now!
-Main menu
-HP will decrease by numbers and not by hits!
-more characters (male with animation)
-some puzzle triggers with cinematic fixed and added
-church on the hills level added (12 maps/levels)

church level includes : the church- the lighthouse & the new church & city entrance!

                              * **!!!!WARNING!!!!!!!!!**

This is some of my triple A rig and animation!

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Hey @VigdArt, I have to say that I am beyond excited for your game “Lost Between!” I love a good horror game and from what I’ve seen from your shared screenshots and trailer, Lost Between has the makings of being a mind-blowing scary adventure!

I see you posted that the DEMO level is working as intended. Does this mean we might get to play a demo of your incredible work soon?


Hi VigdArt!

I am immensely intrigued by your response!

Between you and I, I have pondered on the connection between religion and schizophrenia. I know someone with schizophrenia, and he is very animated whenever religion becomes a part of the conversation. His visions were even religious in context. In your studies in psychology, have you found a link between religion and schizophrenia that would add more fuel to the lore of Lost Between?

I am sorry to learn of your chronic nightmares. It seems that re-creating your nightmares visually may lead to a discovery or a triumph by facing your fears head on.

We are soooo moved by your spine-tingling horror adventure and are anticipating the grand opportunity to play your demo!

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First of all thank you for the kind words!

secondly… yes at the end of the month there will be playable alpha test level.
(as one man team I’m working on fixes for the test level …animation, rigging ,modeling, coding etc… is a lot of work… trying to make it possible to become real!)

the game is basically not classic horror chasing and jump-scare stuff… it is more intension, exploration, story driven plot and the will to keep exploring your questions!


Well there is a lot more then just religion and schizophrenia in a game…
mix all those and you already got mind chaos!
some will say the link between both is either : you are “stupid/crazy” or “hearing Gods voice” I’ll will say they are both and much much more!
think very deep and you will see you are talking to yourself all the time, go alone in the forest and feel the wind and the atmosphere… and you feel god…
so I think we are all crazy… its just the way you choose to live!

inside the game will be many notes and places to explore … sometimes you will have to pass a huge journey just for piece of paper… but I hope the answers will give you relief!

I decided to make playable Alpha build at the end of the month!
stay tuned…
all the best! :heart:

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you don’t have to go there! will you?

the puzzle there is ready to play…just textures, prop placing, decal placement, optimization and we are good to go!


It was my pleasure! I know it’s not easy being a one-person team; however, the effort you’re putting into your project is not going unnoticed. I for one look forward to testing the alpha level available at the end of the month if you’ll allow me! Thank you again for sharing your fantastic work. :sunglasses: :+1:



on itch.io

support this masterpiece!


31 on December I will Share The download of the game on itch.io!
The game comes in a zip file (5GB) so better use the itch app to download it faster and safer to install!
Extract the game… and play!
you play the 5th day in the girls life(it is not fully updated due to future spoilers this map may contain!
hope you enjoy it.

please support me too keep maintain my project wealth!
and share you opinion to make it better!

here are some screenshots! THE MAPS CHANGED a lot since those photos taken , THERE ARE SO MUCH MORE TO EXPLORE AND TRY!

so I hope you enjoy no spoilers :slight_smile:

spoiler tip… carrousel
thank me here : PayPal.Me

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It has arrived! :star_struck: Thank you so much for uploading your demo! We eagerly look forward to immersing ourselves in your creative world! We greatly appreciate you sharing your gift with us and for choosing to build this masterpiece with the Unreal Engine!

BTW, the new screenshots look very haunting, yet divine! Another teaser pulling me in to experience the dimension that is “Lost Between.”

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New teaser for the new year ! you wont be alone in the new year! :smiling_imp:


by the way I want to open a discord group… you think it is necessary ?


You should definitely start a discord server! Seems like a great way to stay updated.

PS: That demo looks terrific! :smiley:

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Thank you my dear Panda friend .
I guess I will open a discord channel due to I’m lonely and swaggy person at the same time!

today the demo will drop later on… so may jesus kiss you and you enjoy the game!