game that allows a player to render and save an image/movie?

Can I make a UE4 based game that allows a game player to render and save an image to their desktop? I want players to be able to save a sequence of their specific game play as a movie file or series of images to their computer.
Just looking to see if that is possible. I know you can do functions like that through matinee on the editor but are those functions accessible for a finished game?

Any help or direction pointing is much appreciated

You can use thise console command: HighResShot 3840x2160
Just add it in your level bp and trigger it with an event. After that the screenshot will be saved in your appdata folder.
I dont know if it will work the same with matinee, but just try it -> in matinee there is a record button which you can access from your level bp. :slight_smile:

Thanks dude! I will test those tips out