Game Textures Material Pack not compatible with 4.9?

Just got UE4.9 it’s great. I used to use udk allot this is my first time using UE4.

I’m trying to use the free GameTextures Material Pack in the market place but it isn’t compatible with 4.9.

Is 4.9 too new? What I mean is will this be a common problem since 4.9 is new and should I try to install an older version so the stuff in the market place will work?

It says No compatible engine currently installed

You will not be able to use game textures material pack until a compatible version of Unreal Engine is installed.

It says that when I go to download it

What kind of a problem are you having with the pack exactly?

Here’s a workaround:

  • Create a new project if you havent already.
  • Add To Project > Enable Show All Projects > Select your project > Pick an older engine version and continue to download anyway. It should add the pack to the project regardless.

Try this with a blank project though, not with something you have been working on. Then you can Migrate the assets from this new project to your own.

Thank you =]