Game Release/Beta Players/Online Gameplay

Hello everyone

I am a student right now and i have been working on a game project of mine for a while now. It is a chess game and single player can said to be complete. However i have some questions:

  1. I am currently using some of UE4 materials&textures given to us inside template projects/starter content/content examples. Is it possible to use these textures&materials in the released game?

  2. I want to get my hands on some beta players in a month or so(I already have my friends trying the game out). I am thinking of using reddits chess page. Do i need to be involved in some legal stuff or players accepting some terms? Which build should i be giving to them(development, debug)?

  3. I am currently adding online gameplay to my game. How can i know the resources(cpu, ram, bandwidth) needed for a single game running on server?

  4. I also want to run an ad campaign for my game in a small scale. Is it possible to do it with a small budget?

As a side note: The textures and materials does not contain any unreal or epic logo or anything that resembles it. They are just some noise, wood, metal related textures and materials.

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Jokes aside, i will take note your account and will reach you when i reach that stage :slight_smile: Don’t worry, it is not like you are obligated to play it, just because you said you would

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It says in the terms that you can use the example/starter content in your own games - including retail, as long as the game itself is significantly altered from the example to be an unique game.
(which in this case is obvious, since they don’t have an Example chess game)

To getting the required bandwidth of a game- you can use Windows’ “Network Monitor” to see exactly what is used by the program. It will vary by user activity - but all in all, a game like chess uses so little it isn’t worth noting. You are probably consuming vastly more opening this page to read responses than an entire game of chess would use - start to finish.

System Resources used are determined with ~ MemReport -Full and similar debugging tools in the engine.

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

Any advice for Q2 and Q4?

Two is too varied to give a particular answer for.
How many testers do you need? How far from “home” can they be? How much contact do you need with them? Do you need individual reports or just bug submissions? …

Anything from facebook contacts or students at a university to the hundreds of chess organizations around the internet could be the right place to look. It all depends on the specific conditions you apply.

Four is more direct, but it depends on the method you use.
Facebook adds can be relatively cheap, and targeting users whith a “chess”-related interest, but have a somewhat low ‘click’ rate compared to some other options.

Your budget makes the choice for you – since you can make a selection on options based on the budget, but when you have $x to spend you can’t increase it based on the option you like. (or it wouldn’t be a budget)

Thank you.

I guess, i still have tons of things to learn. I will keep researching.