[GAME] Relapse


Free demo **

Please try the demo out, we’ve been seen as “another horror game with no real gameplay”. We’ve tried hard the last few months by adding all sorts of puzzles to solve, that are hard but rewarding to solve. There is no “find the key” or “collecting notes”, we are aiming for a gameplay style similar to Myst or Monkey Island, so give it a go and let us know your feedback! :slight_smile:

Update we are now onKickstarter, Steam Greenlight and have a free demo! Try it out and let me know if you have feedback

RELAPSE is a horror themed adventure game. We were inspired by games like Grim Fandango and Monkey Island, so we have a full inventory and crafting system :slight_smile: We wanted to focus more on storyline and atmosphere, as well as good puzzles, so we’re trying to keep jump scares to a minimal. We’re a 3 person team, and this is our first game. Criticism is always always welcome! You can also view more on our Facebook, Website and [Twitter


You’re an urban explorer who blogs photos of abandoned locations in the UK. While investigating Arcadia Asylum you find the front door has been locked and no escape before being knocked out. When awoken you find yourself face to face with Dirk. A serial killer who has set up refuge in the disused asylum. He seems to want to play a game with you. Solve the puzzles and try and escape whilst he hunts you down for sport. Can you find a way out or will you become another victim to his sick games.

The game is meant to be quite serious and realistic, no supernatural horror and minimal soundtrack.


We have two puzzle modes, are you a puzzle veteran or new to the genre?


An inventory and crafting system, use the items you find together to find a solution to a puzzle


Arcadia is based around one of the many abandoned insane asylums in the UK, we use historical information in our game to teach the player about life in these asylums, we want to keep the game realistic and true to life.

We try to make all the assets ourselves with 3DS Max and substance painter

Your environments look great.

Well done and keep pushing at it! :slight_smile:

Thank you! Spent the day messing with post process effects to get something a bit more spooky, then made and added some lanterns to light the scene :slight_smile: The giant white tower in the distance will be the clock tower, I’ve just blocked it in with some bsp brushes whilst I make the static mesh in 3DS Max.

This is looking amazing!

Thank you! small update revolving around Blueprints now, whilst I’ve been working on the clock tower James has just finished off the inventory and crafting for our puzzles in the game. Soon it will actually be a game and not just some spooky scenery

Clock tower is done for now,almost broke the family clock when trying to get some textures. I’ll probably improve the textures on it later, I’ve been asked to move onto the other buildings in the asylum grounds.

This looks bad ***, I can’t wait to play it!

thank you! if anyone has any critiques id be happy to hear them :slight_smile:

i recommend you should use truesky

I saw that in the marketplace and I did think about it, I dislike the stars at the moment, no offence to epic but the stars seem to warp with the sphere. I’ll take a look at it.

Bit of an update, I’ve been busy with some work I can’t really show until the demo is out since it contains spoilers on puzzle solutions, however I’ve been working a bit with speed tree. The writer of the group wanted me to change the season to Autumn so I’ve been experimenting. I’m having trouble getting good looking trees without an fps drop. In the forest area of the game I’d experience as low as 20 fps before I’ve even added grass or falling leaf particles. I’ve now made some optimized changes, all trees are around 2.8k tris and are using the foliage shade model but I still find the quality is falling short a bit. I look at games like The Vanishing of Ethan Carter and I’m so confused how they reached such an amazing quality when there is foliage everywhere. What on Earth did they do to optimize their game so well? Any tips or criticism here would be awesome either way. For now I’m just experimenting to see what looks best without getting a huge drop in fps.

Neat Stuff!

Thank you!

New post, involves the speed trees now added to the level and the driveway leading to the asylum. I’m having some serious frame rate issues though. They seem random, one second its 50 fps next its 10fps. Curious if it was the update to 4.9, my optimization or my update to windows 10 :stuck_out_tongue: Packaging the project now to to test on another pc

Update the packaged version doesn’t cause the fps drops…hmm




A quick look at some of the meshes alone :slight_smile: I’d post a few more but it might ruin some of the puzzles, and I still want some of the demo to be a secret

looking sweet! B-)
Btw I just noticed you’re in bournemouth. you at the NCCA or arts institute by any chance?

Thanks! if only I could stop worrying about small details. We’re a team of two who came from , it’s right next door to the arts institute, we graduate this November in Bsc Games Technology (Hons) :smiley:

oh sweet! :slight_smile:
my wife and I might come down there when the big ‘grad show’ thing goes down. I think video games stuff will be shown on Saturday? If you guys are around pop over and say hi if you want! :slight_smile:

Yea that be awesome :slight_smile: Always nice to meet people from the community. I think we’re also planning to go to Rezzed this year in London to show off our game on a stand.

Aha! More people!

woop woop! :smiley:

some high polygon models ready for retopo