Game Plugin: Add dependency from an engine plugin.

can you please add the error?


i have created a blank c++ ue4 project. Then i have created a “Plugins” folder and have copied my plugin into that folder. When running Visual Studio, everything works fine.

Now i want to create a custom class with “UProceduralMeshComponent” as parent.

I have put in the “ProceduralMeshComponent” into the public dependencies in the .build.cs file.

The compiler recognized that plugin so everything is still fine.

BUT: When i create that custom class (e.g. MyClass : public UProceduralMeshComponent) and want to build the project, the compiler tells me that it couldnt find the “UProceduralMeshComponent” class.

Anyone out there who is familiar with C++, Plugins and dependencies?
I would appreciate this :smiley:

Thanks in advance


Can you please also post the header and build.cs?

I think i give you the whole project. It is still clear :smiley:

link text

You are missing:

#include "ProceduralMeshComponent.h"

in RaidfireProceduralMesh.h

Thats strange. I thought that i already did this but now it works :smiley: