Game performance significantly different on two different indentical computers

Hello everyone I am working on a game and I noticed that when I play on the editor it runs at about 60 - 70 FPS but when I play on standalone it drops below 18 FPS (both times on fullscreen). I spent about a week trying to make all sorts of optimization with no luck. However, yesterday I decided to run the game on another computer with the same graphics card (NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980M) and the game ran at 60 - 70 FPS in both the editor and standalone. What do you think could be causing this issue? I uninstalled and reinstalled the NVIDIA drivers and nothing happened. Any suggestion would be welcomed. Thank you.

I suggest looking into the builtin performance metrics, stuff like stat unit


If it’s a laptop, it might be defaulting to the integrated GPU instead of the dedicated GPU.