Game optimization

I managed to create a game, that runs perfectly on my machine. When I try to run this game on a different powerful enough machine, such as it has 1gb of video and 8 gb memory, it really doesn’t run as fast as it should.

I wonder if i need to add some kind of optimization in the game, which i wasn’t able to find any info about it.
May be someone could give me some tips about game optimization or guide me to the info i was’t able to find.

Read about profiling, optimization is all about shorting code execution time

Also note that more memoery don’t direcly speed up games, performance diffrentce from memory comes from swap memory usage with is slower, so you might speed up from more memory but there a gap where there won’t be anymore diffrence, cpu clock and number of cores (if multithreaded ticking is on not sure how and if it works by default, i seen it in engine code) are most impotent.

i appreciate the documentation link, but i was looking towards something more narrow, may be a tutorial. Scalability Reference | Unreal Engine Documentation seems to be what affects performance