"Game module could not be loaded" after 4.11 upgrade

I’ve upgraded my project to 4.11. After a few code changes, it builds fine but when I start up the Editor, I get a message box with the error “The game module ‘MyGame’ could not be loaded. There may be an operating system error or the module may not be properly set up”.

I’ve completely disabled my Antivirus software. I can create new C++ projects in 4.11 and they load fine. What could be going wrong here and how can I debug it? The message unfortunately gives me no hint at all where to start.

EDIT: This is on Windows. I’ve also upgraded another code project without any issues.

I have found the problem: I’m using an external library, and the corresponding DLL was not in the correct directory after the upgrade, resulting in the (unfortunately not very helpful) error.

Thank you for this hint, it fixed my problem. The last time I had this issue I’ve got a nice message at least, but today I didn’t get this message, just “can’t load…”