Game Mode and Player Controller classes... can you give explanations?

Hi all,
i’m learning Unreal and Bluprints, following an online course the teacher, to get controls by keyboard’s keys, creates a BP PlayerController class and associates this class to a new BP GameMode class and that’s ok.

I’m trying to make my own projects and i noticed that i can access to keyboard just via Action Mapping without that two classes… so what’s the scope of using them?
Can someone explain me or link some documentation about a proper use of them?

Thanks to all


Hi, I suggest your read this here

and maybe take a look at this for what you normally would use the gamemode for
Basically the GameMode doesn’t matter much for single player, but in multiplayer it does. It only exists on the server and there you would handle anything that the clients should never be able to access (for example conditions to win the game). And of course you have build in logic in the game mode that you can access in your own one.

As for the player controller, it persists during pawn changes, so there are some things you might rather want to have in the player controller instead of in the pawn.

And of course if you want to use your own custom player controller, then in order to set that as default, you need to use a custom game mode.

Thank you very much, now it’s a little bit more clear in my head!