Game lights and shadows are way different than in version 4.25


Long story short, after upgrading project on 4.26, my game visuals are really different and by now, have no idea how to solve it…

Both images are attached. Also all lights seem to be way brighter in 4.26 than they were in 4.26.

any suggestions what were changed, how to detect what has messed it up… Using dynamic shadows.

Comparison: 4.26 Version

4.25 Version

Grass Code for shadows.

Everything seems to be correct and casting shadows in material “preview” but is totally different if placed on world.

Going out on a limb here. Might want to check what your post process settings are, either in camera or volume.

Been working with UE4 since 4.9. Whenever they make renderer changes you are gonna see some difference in lighting. Eventually you’ll want to lock engine version on the project before shipping.