Game lighting looks different after packaging

I thought I was finally finished with the lighting in the project I’m working on, it looked good in the editor, so I packaged it up and the final game looks completely different. What was a slightly lit wall is now completely black, and I get a strange jagged shadow when I turn on my stationary lights.

Why doesn’t it look like it did in the editor? What changes between the editor and packaged versions?

I’m also confused why there is no 64 bit shipping option in the standard release (I’ve heard you can only get it if you compile the GitHub version) - I can only build Debug and Development in 64-bit and I have 64-bit DLLs that I’m using, so why can’t I package to 64-bit?

It looks like your graphical settings in the built game are lower than what you’re running the editor at.

It seems odd if that is the case, I would expect it to be lower resolution shadow maps, or harder edges rather than being completely wrong.
How does that happen? What do I need to change to persist settings in the editor to the packaged game?

hey nintynuts have you figured this out, im having a nightmare with my mobile game, which looks perfeect deployed on my mobile but after downloading from the google play i cant see adamn thing , the lighting is just completely off

Heyya Nintynuts, Are you building in production and not in preview?