Game Kits for the Marketplace

Hello, im planning to do some complete game frameworks to sell in the marketplace. For now i have 3 ideas of what i could do, and i would like to hear feedback on them, to see wich should be done first. All 3 of them will be updated on newer engine version, and i will provide support myself.
The 3 kits will be:
Zombie/Shooter kit:**

  • New weapon system, featuring attachment system, and able to make every weapon in a generic FPS, from assault rifles, to shotguns, to rocket launchers and pistols with burst fire. 100% editable and no need for extra code to add weapons
  • Complete zombie AI, editable in blueprints and with several functions exposed to blueprint in the case you want to modify it.
  • Round and score mechanics for zombie spawning, based on a RoundSystem class that will spawn zombies in different ways, i will provide several different spawner systems
  • Fully multiplayer, everything will work without a change in multiplayer, keeping score and kills for each player.
  • Grenades and other special usable objects.

RTS kit:**

  • Special Unit class, wich will have editable variables for speed, attack distance, and support for special powers.
  • Multiple unit selection, you will be able to box select units without a problem.
  • building creation and placement.
  • Resource buildings and resources like the crystals on starcraft or the trees in warcraft.
  • Multiplayer.
  • Top Down camera.

Action RPG kit:**

  • Melee combat system, create combos that can be looped endlessly wich as many keys as you want to use (i already coded this), using realistic hit detection.
  • Item system, for health potions, armors, etc.
  • Spellcasting and habilities, with a lot of functions exposed to blueprints so you can create new habilities with ease.
  • Mission system. Create new missions ENTERELY IN BLUEPRINT. Each mission will be a blueprint, and it will have frameworks already for missions like “kill stuff”, “talk with someone”, “go somewhere”, and possibility to make quest lines.
  • NPCs, configurable variables so they can hate you or not, sell you things, and talk to you to give you missions, everything configurable without a line of code, unless you want to extend it really far. They will support combat AI.

The zombie game framework is the easiest to make, and could be done in 2-3 weeks, the RTS a bit harder, and the RPG will take a long time to make.
Im looking for feedback of what you think of these 3 frameworks, i will hear your opinions about and see wich one of the 3 has the most interest to the community.
Modular parts like only the zombie game weapon system, or the Quest system for the RPG, will be able to be sold separately.

I already made a simple zombie framework, for UDK, in 2 hours, you can see it here Bitbucket .

Personally I would be interested in FPS / Vehicle kit (vehicle blueprints are missing from UE4 so far)
if you could complement this with web/video tutorials you record while you make them, this would be a very good learning tool

I will make tutorials on how to use and edit the system so people see how they work. But i dont plan on tutorials while im coding all that, becouse its quite a bit of code, and it will distract my flow enormously or just take a really big time.

Would it be possible to make a kit for a 3rd person multiplayer game that features character/weapon customization and class progression via skill trees/ranks? I’m not making requests as I see you already have set tasks, but I’m curious about the possibility and whether it would be difficult/relatively easy to implement.

So basically the MMO kit. It could happen, this 3 are the 3 types that i have more or less designed, to see what the community thinks about.

I would definitely be interested in that RTS kit. Do you have an idea of how much you will charge for the kits?

I still have to calculate the work needed to make that and the expected sales it will bring, i dont have a price set yet.

Definitely interested in seeing an FPS kit with the multiplayer networking.

Maybe a Vehicle/Flying/Open world kit. That has all the basics for a car, plane, boat, train pack actually be a better name. Something that is geared towards a game like EX: Farming Sims, Boat Sims, Tanks, Plane games, etc etc, a game that main focus is a vehicle instead of a character. Great idea and thing you doing though, I’d be sure to buy these off the Market Place for a fair price! Especially if they came with Tutorials/Videos.

I personally am more interested in the Action/RPG kit. The others are just fine as well, however I have more interest in RPG’s at this time. I’ll make sure to keep checking back to see what everyone else thinks, as I’m interested myself.

The first thing im going to release is the Zombie AI, wich i currently have almost finished, i plan on releasing the different parts of each kit, you will have the option to buy the whole kit at a discount. By separating the modules, you could grab, for example, only the Quest system, or only the Weapon system.

sounds good :-). I HOPE they open the marketplace soon we need more content MORE lol

need a fighting kit, one like street fighter,

Sorry, but those game genres have been completely killed and overdone by a factor of a zillion.
We want something original, not the same old boring ****!

I would love to see all of these made available to the community. Having a framework to start and learn from is always helpful.

Have you considered creating simple project templates for these as well? That would be awesome!

I wouldn’t exactly say MMO, the way I’m looking at it is an offline/online progression where you wouldn’t have to have internet access to build your character, and when you do, you are able to maintain your gains. I appreciate the answer.

I would like the ability to combine kits if possible. :slight_smile:

Well if you could do this.

In UE4 you would have at least one customer for sure.

That is actually a good idea for one extra kit.

I think an Advanced AI Kit would be nice.

  • There’s so much zombie BS out there these days any monkey can make them.