Game freezes on Note 8

I followed all of the steps in Google VR quick start instructions, setting up SDK, NDK, Java and what not. I’m using Code Works for Android 1R6u1. I also setup the begin map in Maps and Modes.


After I packaged my project for Android using ASTC format and opened the app, it went through placing device in Daydream headset screen, asking for the controller and then goes black. I waited for 30 min then went back the the home screen and close it down. The app works perfectly fine on a Pixel phone and even my 5 years old Note 3 using armv7 support instead of arm64.

I also tried to make a blank new project and set up everything in a similar manner and other packaging formats but the results remained the same. Does anyone know what would cause this behavior? Or if there’s a way to debug the app and see what it does before it freezes.

Ps: my Note 8 is an unlocked US variant. It runs Android 7.1.1