Game Development v.s. Enterprise

Hi, my name is Rob Hanson

I am a new-bee, and I wont to learn about creating content for film, gaming, VR/VR360, and 360 video. When I select the “Getting Started Now” I presented with a download page “Game Dev. and Enterprise”. Not sure which licensing/product to download.

I have nothing in mind today to sell or distribute, but down the road maybe. For now I just wont to learn.

Can anyone provide some insight or direction?

Kind Regards,
rob hanson

The main difference is in way you pay for UE4, the standard licence is free but you are obligated to pay royalties from your revenue made from your UE4 products (with exceptions explained in EULA). The enterprise licence (aka Unreal Studio) is royalty free but you pay monthly, you get extra features like DataSmith and official Epic support, which is special offer for companies that prefer this method.

There no difference in restrictions of what you can do, you can do the same on both, as far as i know, those missing extra features don’t limit capabilities of the engine and mainly are editor organization tools… so go ahead and download free one since you are beginner :wink: