game developement help

hello readers,
i am willing to put a lot of time in the developement of my games but i dont know where to start now.
i always have a lot of inspiration in my games but lately i am drying out, i know i want to create a game simular to Wasteland 2 and Fallout 1&2.
but the problem is i dont have a clue how please if you read this and know a full tutorial on YouTube or any website please tell me.

This sort of question seems to be a theme lately. Fallout / wasteland are HUGE games, made by a large team of artists and programmers with decades of experience between them. There are no ‘make a AAA game’ tutorials.

Fortunately, there are loads of good tutorials on 3D asset creation, blueprints, level design and lighting, and so on.

Why not pick something you are interested in, and make a mini-game to showcase that new skill? Could be Art, gameplay, a new game mechanic, or a particle effect. A simple game or environment is still a ton of work, and you’ll know how much you can manage in your own.

Hi, definitely start with this tutorial:
I think its one of the best tutorials atm made by experienced game developer an you will learn a lot

thanks for the help this did actualy motivate me to start a project and work on it maybe if it all goes well i will release it for free for others to look at it and maybe even learn from it.