Game crashes when character teleports

I have a trigger volume and when player touches it, it’s suppose to teleport you to middle of map. It works on editor but not packaged also sometimes it doesn’t even teleport you, you just fall off map.

Hi pikachu,

Can you show us your Blueprint’s Event Graph or any other relevant BP graphs so we can try to reproduce issue here? Also, your title mentions a crash… at what point does crash occur? Is it packaged game crashing, or editor? Does crash happen while playing in editor, or only packaged game?

If editor crashes, please and attach log from your project’s Saved\Logs folder. If game is crashing, go to game’s Saved\Logs folder to get it. Thanks!

packaged game crashes. Here is games log link text

Sorry, but this log is showing a successful shutdown. When exactly are you seeing a crash occur? Can you take some screenshots of your Blueprint setup?

Here is level blueprint. This is actor that makes game crash when player touches it or sometimes it doesn’t work at all. All this happens in packaged game. It works properly in editor.

Did you figure it out?

Looking into it now. I am definitely getting that crash, though. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Okay, I’m going to write up a bug report for this, but I can help you get past it for now: instead of using Target Point > Get Sprite Component > Get World Location for Dest Location, use Target Point > Get Actor Location. That doesn’t cause a crash in a packaged game.

Extremely Odd, it’s still crashing. Perhaps I could send you a copy of game and you could try it?

That would be fine. Can you upload it somewhere and give me a link? Are you able to reproduce this in a new project?

One other thing to try: before packaging game, delete old WindowsNoEditor folder. Then make sure you’ve saved everything in editor, and package again.

Okay, I deleted WindowsNoEditor and repackaged it worked. Thanks so much!

Except now other triggers don’t teleport. Only one does.


I was able to reproduce crash in a packaged game, and it appears to have something to do with Get World Location on a scene component from an Actor from persistent level being referenced in Level Blueprint. As I mentioned above, using Actor Location as Destination Location on Teleport node should work instead, but I have entered a bug report for crash as UE-16444. I’ll post here when I see any update on it.

I’m guessing that if you have multiple Triggers that were duplicated, that may be causing reference problem with only one working properly. Try replacing any duplicated Triggers or TargetPoint BPs in level, and make sure each has its own OnActorBeginOverlap in Level Blueprint. If you’re still having trouble with that, please post an image of entire Level Blueprint (or at least all of Triggers).

Hope that helps!

Were these Trigger Volumes duplicated in level? Meaning, did you start by dragging one into world, then duplicating it to create TriggerVolumes 2, 3, and 4?

Yes, I did.

Try setting it up by making a new Trigger Volume instead of duplicating it. There was a known issue with duplicating volumes that this seems similar to. Let me know if this is still a problem when using new Triggers rather than duplicated triggers.

Fantastic! That worked. Thanks man.