Game compiles, still thinks plugins are wrong version?

I have run into this weird thing starting yesterday. I am running my game on the github version of UE5.1. I double checked and made sure the project is set to the right engine dir, regenerated the VS project. Game builds fine, when I start game it says all the plugins were compiled in a different version of the engine! It asks if I want to compile them, it does and I can start the editor, but next time I compile in VS it does the same thing… I know its pointed to the correct engine folder
I rebuilt the engine, rebuilt the project, cleaned the project in VS and built agian… nothing fixes it.
Has anyone seen this? Know how to fix it?

As a note, this wasnt happening the day before. I did add a c++ class thru the tools menu in editor and it crashed trying to compile. I dont know if that was related or if its just coincidence