Game behaving differently in Standalone

When running my game in Viewport, my GUI is visible, I have input control, and can hear audio.

When I run in Standalone, My GUI is not visible at all, I have no input control, and cannot hear any audio.

What can be causing this? I am working based on the First Person VR game template.


I have narrowed down what is causing it but can’t fix it.

I have a 2 variables, LeftLaser and RightLaser, which are both types of Laser. Laser is a base class, which has subclasses Red_Laser and Blue_Laser.

As a default value I set LeftLaser to the class Blue_Laser. Then, in my shoot script, I call SpawnActor, and pass it my LeftLaser class.

Again, everything works fine in viewport, but nothing works in standalone.

Bump. Any ideas?